In the case of turnkey delivery, you give the full construction assignment to Systems For All. We will ensure that your wishes are carefully worked out and a design plan (including an action plan and accompanying drawings) is prepared.

After approval of the permits the specifications follow, which describe the requirements of the building/site to support the tendering process.

The (entire) project is tendered and realised. During the tender and the project realisation Systems For All ensures monitoring of the progress, the quality and finances.

Benefits of building turnkey:

• Only one contact point, during design, realisation and aftercare.
• The design and the construction costs are aligned.
• No surprises afterwards, the budget is leading!!
• More efficient cooperation between parties involved.
• Permits, contact with governments and utility companies is taken care of.
• Shorter turnaround time from design up to realisation.
• No worries for the commissioning party and yet you remain involved.


We will respond within 1 business day.